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Vitalizma Arise and Rise repair color-damaged hair and stop it from breaking and falling out. 100 percent herbal Vitalizma Arise and Rise help bring your hair back to its healthy state in a short span of time. The easy-to-apply Vitalizma Arise and Rise consist of a spray and an oil. First, spray Vitalizma Arise equally on your clean and wet hair and massage for 10 minutes. Wait for 10 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo and rinse. One day after the application, nourish your hair with Vitalizma Rise and leave it on your hair for 20 minutes. Vitalizma Arise and Rise have no side effects as they do not include any chemicals. Make sure that there is no hair gel, spray, or wax etc. on your hair before using Vitalizma Arise or Rise. Vitalizma Arise and Rise are not recommended on hair with extensions. Vitalizma Arise and Rise are also not recommended for people with infected or deformed scalp as they may suffer from a burning feeling.



Biologist – Cosmetology Specialist Pervin BULGAK

Who is Pervin Bulgak?

She graduated from the Biology Department of Hacettepe University. After university, she received training in the field of cosmetology. The advantage of this training, as well as the advantage of having spent her early youth years in a natural environment helped her become a specialist with a focus on the benefits and effects of plants. 

She developed special formulas by blending her scientific knowledge with the traditional recipes of her family elders. In addition to offering consultancy services for many domestic and overseas companies, she also prepared personal care product formulas for them. She worked as a beauty coach for many celebrities and helped them maintain a healthy and lasting beauty.

How to fix burned hair?

The following is a brief explanation of what causes burned hair: Your hair starts to get damaged due to bad mood and stress, as well as excessive amount of hair dye and chlorine. This then causes hairiness, hair breakage and fall out. Finally, these lead to burned hair – the most difficult state of hair. 

In other words, hair gets damaged from the roots to the tips. It’s a total nightmare. When you touch your hair, you feel like touching a felt or bristles of a hair brush. This is a common problem with constantly strengthened and dyed hair.

The best method to treat burned hair

As we previously said, burned hair is one of the worst states of hair. There are several methods to fix this.  

Pervin Bulgak: “It’s a great idea to combine all of these together.”

When I checked the content of Vitalizma, I was very surprised to see such important extracts and oils combined together. Because while coconut oil alone greatly contributes to hair treatment, this product also includes other important oils such as wheat oil, apricot oil, garlic oil, mustard oil, and sesame oil etc. And their main raw materials add to this great effect. Products with horsetail extract already have a big effect, and adding milk thistle extract and elderberry extract to the horsetail extract offers a bigger effect. This product must be selling for about $300.

1- A homemade hair mask  When it comes to burned hair, this mask becomes more effective if you use it together with aloe vera oil and other natural oils for healthier and shinier hair. 2 tsp of glycerin, 4 tbsp of avocado oil, 2 tsp of aloe vera gel

Mix all the ingredients together and massage the mixture on your hair roots using your finger tips. Apply the remaining mixture on your hair tips. Leave the mask on your hair for 20 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo to rinse the mixture from your hair. You can apply this mask daily. After some time, it will soften your rough hair. 

2- Going to a hairdresser   Although many hair salons offer treatment for burned hair, not all of them can offer the same level of treatment. You need to opt for a luxurious and fully equipped hair salon. Prices will vary based on the level of damage. And one visit may not even be enough. It may require 2-3 sessions. Sessions vary between 300 TL – 800 TL.

3- Using Vitalizma spray   ). Vitalizma Spray is a miraculous product for burned hair. In fact, some hairdressers apply a mask just for show and then use Vitalizma Spray to trick you into believing that your hair got back to normal thanks to their mask, and they charge you 6-7 times more.

Vitalizma Spray quickly restores your hair in a short span of time, making your hair more beautiful than it was before.